Episode 08- What is Cyber Risk Insurance Coverage ?

This is the first ever episode of startup Nibbles Podcast to feature an interview.

Our guest, Mrunal Pandit, co-founder of gaatha story and an insurance professional and a fellof of the Insurance Institute of India with 15 years experience in general insurance. She explains what is cyber risk insurance and why startups should consider getting this coverage.

Episode 06-CoWork Away, and From Content to Intent..

In this episode six, we cover three stories and have an announcement. On the episode to be aired on Friday August 3rd, we will feature an interview by Mrunal, co-founder of gaatha story and an expert on cyber risk insurance. She has written quite a bit on cyber risk insurance for corporates, and I thought of asking her how startups should address this risk...if you have any questions about this topic, write to us at contact@gaathastory.com.